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Making your life easier with Python decorators, part two

2023-06-20 by Pauli Lohi

Python decorators are often underestimated and considered a trick rather than a powerful tool for serious production-grade code. In this article, you will gain a deeper understanding of decorators, learn when and how to use them effectively, and discover how to write tests for code that uses them... Read more


Making your life easier with Python decorators, part one

2023-02-28 by Pauli Lohi

Decorators are a powerful tool that allows easily adding additional features to existing functions or modifying their behavior without changing the code of the functions themselves. Even though many Python programmers are very familiar with decorators, many lack a fundamental understanding how they actually work. This article takes a look at how decorators are implemented in Python and how they can be used to solve real world problems, making your life easier... Read more